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Fried Udong – seafood & potherb paradise! Fried Udong

  • U-dong (Bokum)
    • Seafood & potherb paradise! Yummy, sweet & spicy!
    • Fried Udong is originated from Japan, but people in Daegu has reformed the cooking to be a little spicy flavor, seasoned with the spicy condiment made with chilli powder & garlic, onions, Chinese cabbages, pumpkin, green bean-sprout, agaric, Chinese chives (only in summer), spinach (only in winter), shrimp, squid and pork. You can order this delicacy in nearly all the Chinese restaurants in Daegu, leaving you the unforgettable sweet and spicy flavor.
Name Contact ADDRESS Details
Chinese (Junghwa) Restaurant 053-425-6839 406-12, Jungangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

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